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Valtenesi Fontanamora
This excellent wine arises from healthy and fairly ripe grapes and a careful wine-making process (fermentation takes place under controlled temperatures and with selected yeasts).

Its fragrance is delicate with floral and fruity aromas. The taste is firm and intense, with wild strawberry notes and a right acidity, which give to the wine freshness and vitality. The color is pale pink.

Our Chiaretto Fontanamora is a versatile wine and it suites to very different tastes. Its characteristics match perfectly with young and fresh dishes: from not excessively aged cold cuts to the Formaggelle of the Alto Garda Bresciano. Moreover, it goes very well along with the classical summer dishes. Another combination to try is with tomato-based first courses, as the “Casoncelli alla Bresciana”: the acidity creates the right contrast with the wine’s freshness. It is also delicious together with fish, and with rather spicy white meats.

This wine is thought to be appreciated also after the first year from the wine-making, as it evolves through time, enhancing its qualities of smoothness and flavor.
€ 7,00
Riviera Garda Classico Chiaretto DOC
This wine, unique among those produced in Italy,originated in 1896 in Moniga del Garda, following the ideas of Senator Pompeo Molmenti.
The grape varieties blended for “Chiaretto DOC” include Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera, which found an ideal substrate and microclimate on the morainic hills of Lake Garda, particularly in the “Valtènesi” area.
The must is separated from the solids through a classical method, “levata di cappello”, literally to ‘take off the hat’ a few hours after the crush, in order to retain the desired blush color and maintain a young and fresh aroma.
This wine has delicate features: it has a pink color with purple highlights.
It has a delicate, fresh and fruity bouquet with almond like features. Its best overall quality is gained a few months after harvest. Served in tulip-shaped glasses, this wine will surprise the connoisseur, and will suggest combinations with light, not too elaborate courses, appetizers, side dishes, freshwater fish, and white meats.
It is the perfect wine for a summer outing or an “al fresco” picnic by the Lake.
Suggested serving temperature rangers between 8-10° C.
€ 6,00


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