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Riviera Garda classico groppello Doc
The vine variety which names this "grand" wine is unique to the Lake Garda region.
The vines require well exposed areas with a particular microclimate in order to gain perfect ripening of the grapes.
Excess humidity is particularly detrimental for this grape variety, as its tight and compact clusters of thin skinned berries are particularly sensitive to environmental conditions.
Harvest requires expert inspection of the vines.
Only healthy and mature clusters are selected for the traditional "red" fermentation where grape skins are separated from the must after five days fermentation.
The wine is then aged in bottle for six months.
The "Garda Classico Doc Groppello has a ruby red appearance, and its flavour is fruity when young, tending towards spicy overtones with aging.

The flavour is intense and robust, with a slightly bitter and herbal aftertaste.

Beef, lamb, and other full-flavored red meats are particularly well matched with this wine.
The suggested serving temperature is 14°C, and bottles should be opened at least one hour before serving.
Bottles aged for more than five years should be decanting to a glass or terra-cotta carafe before serving.
€ 6,00
Benaco Bresciano Marzemino
This well characterized wine is obtained from the “Marzemino” grape variety, wich best expresses its characteristics when grown in the Valtenesi area.

Careful pruning is carried out so that there are only a few ripe bunches per vine tree. The picked grape is crushed, than macerated for five days while carefully monitoring fermentation temperature.

Once fermentation is completed, this wine is aged for six months in bottles that resulting in constant improvement for its features.

“Benaco bresciano Marzemino” has a full body with dense ruby-red hue and purple undertones. Herbal and undergrowth aroma are characteristic of this wine, as well as a dry and well characterized taste.

It is well matched with barbequed, roasted and stewed meats and game, and well aged cheeses.
Serving temperature ranges between 16 and 18 °C.
€ 6,50
Valtenesi Seselle
Some meters from the shore of the garde lake,the vineyard in the place “Seselle”enjoys the beneficial influence of a microclimate,exceptionally favourable for the good maturation of the Groppello.

the Groppello, is a difficult wine to be coltivated; it wouldn't be possible to produce such an interesting wine elsewere.

The winds which sweep the garda,shake the vines during the nice season and keep the shacke the bunches dry,blocking the moulds to damage the delicate grapes.

In this way it is possible to harvest a good mature grape in october, due to the modest number of grapes which are left on every vine.

An attendive wine-making allows conseving the entire potential of this grape, destined to give origin to a wine of good structure and rare equilibrium, warm and rightly tannic.

Il the great respect for this wine leads the wine-maker to a choice: it isn't filtered. One years of refinement in oak barrel, this resulting in the SESELLE, ready to match the most important dishes of the red meat or game but also mature cheese and tasty salami.

It can be aged with a good evolution for the other 3-4 years.Ideal service: wide goblets (ballon), never too cold .
€ 9,00


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