Lugana Brut doc

This sparkling "Brut Spumante" arises from "TREBBIANO DI LUGANA", a white grape variety.
The harvest is carried out before actual ripening time in order to guarantee the desired acidity.
The Spumante requires an additional fermentation.
This second bulk fermentation is carried out in steel tanks and the "spumante" is bottled and sold after aging for at least three months. Straw yellow at first, it tends toward a golden yellow color with aging.
Its aroma is fruity with yeasty notes; "perlage" is fine and persistent.
This sparkling wine is best served at 4-6 C.
It is suited as an aperitif with appetizers and it is excellent when paired with delicate main courses such as fish, lobster or other seafood.

Technical detail

Vineyards Lugana, clay soil
Density 3700 variety per ha
Yield 125 per ha
Grape varieties Trebbiano di Lugana 100%
Vinification Traditional fermentation, refermentation in stainless steel vats (2 months of aging in bottle)
Grade 12,5% vol.
Smell Fruity with yeast and almond
Taste Fresh with an acid note, sapid
Color Golden with greenish reflections
To serve fresh 6° - 8°


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