Riviera Garda classico groppello Doc

The vine variety which names this "grand" wine is unique to the Lake Garda region.
The vines require well exposed areas with a particular microclimate in order to gain perfect ripening of the grapes.
Excess humidity is particularly detrimental for this grape variety, as its tight and compact clusters of thin skinned berries are particularly sensitive to environmental conditions.
Harvest requires expert inspection of the vines.
Only healthy and mature clusters are selected for the traditional "red" fermentation where grape skins are separated from the must after five days fermentation.
The wine is then aged in bottle for six months.
The "Garda Classico Doc Groppello has a ruby red appearance, and its flavour is fruity when young, tending towards spicy overtones with aging.
The flavour is intense and robust, with a slightly bitter and herbal aftertaste.
Beef, lamb, and other full-flavored red meats are particularly well matched with this wine.
The suggested serving temperature is 14°C, and bottles should be opened at least one hour before serving.
Bottles aged for more than five years should be decanting to a glass or terra-cotta carafe before serving.

Technical detail

Vineyards In Valtènesi hills, mixed soil, herb
Density 4000 variety per hectare
Yield 120 q.li for ha
Grape varieties Groppello gentile 85%
Vinification Traditional in red
Color Ruby red
Grade 12,5% vol.
Smell Fruity
Taste Equilibrated, soft
Longevity 3 - 4 years


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