Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil
Our farm is specialized not only in the production of wine, but also of an excellent quality of extra virgin olive oil.

We care of carry out a cultivation respectful of our area, called Valtenesi. How? Constant grass planting, limited fertilizing, pest control, using of new generation agricultural machineries with low fuel consumption.

During the olives harvest, once picked, olives are immediately brought to milling.
After some hours we obtain the oil which is poured into small tanks in order to let it naturally decanting. Finally, the product is filtered using some cotton filters.

After this procedure, the product comes back to our farm where it is bottled very quickly in order to minimize the possibility of oxidation and to have a perfect conservation of the extra virgin olive oil.

The final result is an excellent and tasteful product, which is a source of pride for the Mediterranean cooking all over the world.

Organoleptic properties
Our extra virgin olive oil has greenish notes. It has an exquisite and persistent taste, a round aftertaste and it’s pleasantly spicy.

Garda Bresciano DOP CASALIVA
"Casaliva" is an indigenous variety (cultivar) of olive tree that has been grown with great results in the area of lake Garda since really ancient times.

Casaliva oil DOP is a cold pressed oil produced by squeezing just the olives of our best trees (a selection of just 60 plants).
The early harvest and the accurate selection of our best fruits give birth to an oil with a really intense and persistent flavor and a low level of oleic acid. Moreover, this oil is high in polyphenols, natural antioxidants that are beneficial for our health.


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