Wine Farm Turina . Seselle D.O.C .




Some meters from the shore of the garde lake,the vineyard in the place “Seselle”enjoys the beneficial influence of a microclimate,exceptionally favourable for the good maturation of the Groppello.

the Groppello, is a difficult wine to be coltivated; it wouldn't be possible to produce such an interesting wine elsewere.

The winds which sweep the garda,shake the vines during the nice season and keep the shacke the bunches dry,blocking the moulds to damage the delicate grapes.

In this way it is possible to harvest a good mature grape in october, due to the modest number of grapes which are left on every vine..

An attendive wine-making allows conseving the entire potential of this grape, destined to give origin to a wine of good structure and rare equilibrium, warm and rightly tannic.

Il  the great respect for this wine leads the wine-maker to a choice: it isn't filtered.Two years of refinement in oak barrels,cadenced by appropiade decanting, thus resulting in the SESELLE, ready to match the most important dishes of the red meat or game but also mature cheese and tasty salami.

It can be aged with a good evolution for the other 3-4 years.Ideal service:  wide goblets (ballon), never too cold .                                                      

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